Basilica Brocade

  • Color Card 1
    Color Card 2
    Grande Black
    Grande Diamond White
    Grande Gold
    Grande Magenta
    Grande Navy
    Grande Purple
    Grande Red
    Grande Silver Grey
    Grande White
    Grande Wine
    Piccolo Black
    Piccolo Diamond White
    Piccolo Gold
    Piccolo Magenta
    Piccolo Navy
    Piccolo Purple
    Piccolo Red
    Piccolo Silver Grey
    Piccolo White
    Piccolo Wine

Dating back to the Middle Ages,
brocades were one of the few luxury textiles worn by nobility.
Woven by the Byzantines, brocades were an especially desirable fabric and only available to the wealthy. The designs were often Persian in origin and it was common to see church subjects depicted in the complex weaves of the cloth. Our Basilica Brocade pays homage to its original predecessor depicting a liturgical pattern and available in 2 alternative motifs.

• 58/60″ Wide
• 100% Viscose

Wholesale Only
Fabric is sold by the Bolt. Sample yardage is available for qualified manufacturing customers.

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